About US

The main business of Jing Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is the application of environmentally friendly nano-materials to link various industrial product development projects to increase the added value for customers' products, and provide product technical consultants to enhance the industrial competitiveness of customers.
     At present, medical, biotechnology, non-woven, glass, LED lamps, green building materials, aquaculture, animal husbandry, etc., as the main application of nanomaterials, the surface of the product to add new nano composite film, in order to achieve antibacterial, anti-virus, Anti-fouling, self-cleaning, anti-mold, anti-corrosion, water purification and air purification and other versatile applications.
     The new nanocomposite material represented by Jing Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. has obtained the "Green Building Material Stamp Certificate" (certificate number: GBM01008822), the "Singapore Green Building Seal Certification" (certificate number: G00277), and the US FDA Medical Class I. Environmental medicine disinfectant (Registration Number: 3010700940), American MicroBac, Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics and Chemistry Research Center, Medical Center and other multi-antibacterial, antiviral research certification, and in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, the United States obtained a number of patents.